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Import massager need to focus on product safety information

  Recently, the inspection and quarantine bureau in suzhou for a company to import a batch of back massager inspection supervision, found that the goods have serious electrical safety hidden trouble. Carry on this batch of goods inspection and quarantine personnel in accordance with the law, avoid the leakage accident may cause the quality and safety.
  This batch of imported from South Korea back massager is a import and export corporation, the number of a total of 48 units, product manufacturers for south Korean companies. Suzhou inspection and quarantine inspection personnel to the scene to test this batch of imported back massager regulation, found that the product is more safe hidden trouble, then this batch of products for the sampling and laboratory testing according to relevant national standards in China. Tested to find the product in signs and instructions, to touch the live parts of protection, power supply and outer soft lines, creepage distance, plug type, there are serious security hidden danger, easy to cause harm to person get an electric shock, high risk.
  Therefore, inspection and quarantine departments to remind the relevant import trading company, the use of back massager crowd for ordinary consumers, before imported products, need to fully understand the product, to ensure that imported products conforms to our country, defend, and ring mandatory requirements, avoid unnecessary loss. Inspection and quarantine departments will also strengthen the inspection of South Korea imported production massager regulation and the tracing investigation of import of such products, to protect the personal safety of domestic consumers.