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Massage chair, the community of human nature, and with a creative new luminescent spot

  The progress of the society, people are becoming more and more attention to the enjoyment of life, health care, nursing home appliance product is becoming more and more popular. Smell this opportunity, not on companies to enter the health home appliance field. Now almost all enterprises have the health product, sells on the market more than 90% of the industry has a different health care function. Home appliance industry experts believe that health care appliances will become after the small home appliance, water, electrical home appliances industry of a new gold mine. Massage chairs, and other areas of the health appliances will become the new profit point.
  According to the "New Year‘s day is a holiday to elders send what good?" A market research, according to the results in a wide variety of goods, massage chair into one of the most popular products. The fast pace of work life pace, massage chair also became the now white-collar keen to a health care products. China 60 years of age or older will be increased from 178 million to 178 million, the elderly will increase from 13.3% to 13.3% of the total population, population aging process is accelerated, the ageing rate gradually expanding will further encourage healthy home appliance industry.
  Nan fung pavilions add massage chair zone reflects humanism exhibition service tenet health electrical appliances industry is a very large industry, including massage chair field breeds greater business opportunities. According to the Canton fair period electronics and home appliance lighting exhibition organizers (CAEF) visiting the result that massage chair production enterprises and the industry at present exhibition into enterprise specialized in influential exhibition promotion board. In a timely manner to capture the details of the Canton fair period appliances electronics and lighting exhibition organizers can take action, and a new recruit - VIP rest area in nan fung international conference and exhibition center dedicated to add a massage chair. Human nature is not creative exhibition features, into a new window will show for the Canton fair period electronics and home appliance lighting show graces many.
  Canton fair period appliances electronics and lighting exhibition has been throughout the humanized service during the whole exhibition services. In the VIP lounge add massage chair, the massage chair production enterprises to visit and contact support, said they would carry the massage chairs and other health care products to participate in the exhibition or to come to the exhibition site. The decoration in the VIP rest area of massage chair, for buyers to rest during the exhibition services. On April 15 to 18, nan fung pavilion will be collected more than 5000 overseas buyers. Zero distance of the visit, hands-on experience will be the most beneficial promotion enterprise.
  Then massage the exhibition zone will be a collection of experience, communication, learning, procurement, which integrates multi-functional platform. Nan fung enterprise enclosure on home appliances, lighting preview the so-called "health appliances" generally can be divided into three types: one is to remove unfavorable factors for health electrical appliances product, its core is "sterilization", "sterilization", "purification", such as ozone catalytic air conditioners, washing machines, antibacterial refrigerators, air purifiers, water purifiers; 2 it is can help maintain a healthy home appliance products, its core is to realize the "energy conservation and emissions reduction", "green", such as soybean milk machine, juicer, cooker, etc. Three is "treatment" and "health" as the core function of the domestic oxygenerator, breathing machine, cleaning machine, fields, massage chairs, etc. Who is one of the industry‘s product or technology first producer or developers in a certain sense means that the enterprise will be an indicator of an industry, the nuggets most of the big winners. At the appointed time in the Canton fair period electronics and home appliance lighting exhibition nan fung pavilion will be put on home appliances, consumer electronics, lighting industry enterprises enclosure a rehearsal of the area, with the latest product or technology reveals itself in the field of ownership.