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Seize the opportunity Realize the span development of massage industry in China

  About recently, the state council issued the several opinions to promote the development of health services, "opinion" is put forward, and strive to to 2020, basic establishment covers the whole life cycle, the connotation is rich, reasonable structure system of health services, health services, the total scale of 8 trillion yuan of above. To this end, we had an interview with China‘s health care massage health care equipment branch of chamber of commerce, xiamen MengFaLi group chairman Mr Zou Jian cold.
  In when it comes to the development situation of MengFaLi this year, zou director said: "this year we have formulated the transformation of the three main directions: one is to establish brand, channel synchronous development strategic target; 2 extending from the massage appliance industry to the health industry; 3 it is to adjust the industrial structure, phase out labor-intensive projects, key technical innovation for the development of high value-added project. Now we all work well, especially our high-end brand Mr Jia hua has entered fast and healthy development of rising channel. In the first half of 2013 the wah brand operating income growth of 145.34%, compared to the domestic market has set up a store in the country more than 200, turnover in the national ranking 25 strong high-end department stores in rate was 64%. The wah same-store sales had good growth, hitting a same-store sales growth of 30% in late 2012, same-store sales growth of 35%, in the first half of 2013 in the first half of this year, the company sales rose 67.26%."
  "In recent years, the Olympic era has given rise to the consumer health consciousness awakening, pay attention to their health, in health care movement of the boom rising rapidly in our country, the focus gradually shift to health sports, health demand is looked up. Deep has carried out the" about several opinions to promote the development of health service, the more we get up the energy, also with the positioning and the development of our enterprise is very fit, at present, the company has from the massage appliance industry to the health care industry, the development of high value-added projects, in the future to master the core technology in domestic and global market, brand, channel, which has the pricing power. At present, the company has formed a relatively complete product series, with five major categories, thousands of models of products. Health industry wide prospect of market. Domestic massage products consumption has just started. The global sales of about $8 billion a year, the domestic market only 12 billion yuan. It is also MengFaLi as an industry leader, to break through the barriers of the development of the industry, promote the rapid development of exploration and practice of health industry." Zou said the President.
  When talking about how to make full use of media publicity health concept, health awareness, zou President also said: the government has put forward specific policy requirements, we can according to the characteristics of our industry on the implementation of, flexible to use in the actual operation, such as fair and exhibition, this is a two-way communication, on the exhibition not only has the domestic and international professional buyers and sellers, also have visitors, the use of fully professional exhibitions promotional health knowledge and related products can yet be regarded as a kind of effective means, like in Shanghai in March next year "2014 China (Shanghai) international fitness, health care, rehabilitation equipment exhibition", its promotion and development of health care industry will play a great role, our industry is also need such a display, communication, international trade, so we will invest to next year‘s Shanghai fitness health rehabilitation equipment exhibition do good, to present you a industry feast!
  It is reported, "2014 China (Shanghai) international fitness, health care, rehabilitation equipment exhibition" (hereinafter referred to as IWF2014) by China‘s cultural and educational sporting goods association, Dana exhibition group, China‘s health care massage health care equipment branch of the chamber of commerce and the Beijing fitness equipment circulation association, association of Shanghai Dana exhibition service co., LTD., Shanghai modern international exhibition co., LTD. Jointly undertake, on March 13 to 15, 2014 held in Shanghai world expo exhibition hall.
  The IWF2014 total exhibition area of 25000 square meters, 1500 standard booths, exhibition companies and show area, will have the new breakthrough, will usher in nearly 500 from China, the United States, the European Union, Japan, Korea, Australia, more than 30 countries and regions such as Singapore, and China‘s Taiwan and Hong Kong area fitness, health rehabilitation equipment industry enterprise and brand, common on fitness, health and rehabilitation equipment industry‘s latest technology and products, will be fully meet the fitness and health industry buyers purchase demand!