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Electronic massager popular health food

  The double ninth festival you give parents choose what gift? This newspaper and mengniu dairy jointly launched "vigor chongyang" series of interactive subject investigation, there are many young readers are letter to talk about their ideas. Children give gifts for the parents pay more attention to real benefit, their gift intentions are almost related to health, also showed a child is a simple wish: I want to wish all parents can longevity and health.
  Late on September 28, a big shopping mall near the clock tower accessories, footwear sales area is very popular, but there is no specific elderly clothing brand shop. In contrast, the negative layer of electrical section and many health care products counter will be cold and cheerless. Surnamed liu‘s customers are washing footbath choose massage, prices ranging from overland yuan to thousands of yuan. He said: "although my parents are retired wages are many, but what are reluctant to spend more money, while holiday soon, I want to send a healthy gift." Sales staff introduction, neck massager, health wash care footbath, and other small home appliance, and ginseng slice, deep sea fish oil, imports of calcium and other health care products, are popular gifts during the double ninth festival. In addition, there are some customers will choose to give the old man bought a pair of comfortable walking shoes or sneakers. Talked about the growing popularity of the double ninth festival, the sales staff said: "the affirmation and the children‘s day, valentine‘s day can‘t."
  This newspaper and mengniu dairy jointly launched "vigor chongyang" series of interactive topic, for "the most can express what gift you filial piety" this problem, the answer to the reader feedback, are nearly all in buy massage health care products, small appliances, will also have a small number of readers for dad in tea, wine, or to buy new clothes new shoes for my mother, show the young people concerned about their parents‘ health and desire.