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Give a simple practical give priority to buy massage chair function in the elderly

  Now some people in order to show filial obedience parents, will give the old man buy a massage chair. Now on the market are very many different kinds of massage chair, should how to choose the products suitable for the elderly? Chen wei prompt sales of massage chairs in the city professionals, to old person to massage chair, mainly considering practical function, simple operation, don‘t too strong massage strength.
  A lot of the function of the massage chair is very much, and as high-tech, price is also higher. But not the more, the price is the function, the better your products. The key is to consider practical, some functions do not need for the elderly, the elderly will not operation, the function of the high-tech has become less. For the elderly to choose massage chair, can pay attention to massage mode, massage, massage, and other functions, simple and practical, let old people enjoy when using massage chair from head to foot to relax.
  The tolerance of old people than young people, bones, and the relatively poor flexibility of the body, so the massage chair massage strength don‘t too strong. When choosing massage chair, can let the old man lying in the above personally feel the best experience for 10 minutes, and then select products suitable for their pain tolerance. At the same time, when the elderly experience massage chair, chair and sit on it to feel whether fit with oneself body, if it is too big or too small can‘t effective massage to all parts of the body.
  The quality of the massage chair is also very important. See if massage chair workmanship fine, touching the leather is soft and smooth, if quiet listen to massage chair runtime. Massage chairs are consumables, want to consider when buying the product after-sales service, to ask for bill, ensure follow-up can get good quality assurance and maintenance services.
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