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R&D ability

Antibacterial foot bath leading domestic

  In recent years with the development of the society, all kinds of foot bath started into the ordinary people, however, loved by the masses of domestic foot bath has always been a drawback, that is the whole family to share a foot tub is easy to cause cross infection. Ningbo wonderful electric company recently launched the wonderful bacteriostatic type foot bath massager, as the first domestic "self-cleaning - antibacterial function of foot bath, thoroughly solved this difficult problem.
  Bacteriostatic type foot tub domestic first come out the family share avoid cross infection
  Bacteriostatic type foot bath massager Let the family no longer have the diaphragm
  Lives in the ancient city of Beijing shijingshan ten square liu said, "listen to the old people said before, people old feet first failure, a foot, keeping in good health in good condition now, our household foot bath massager is nearly two years, other are all well, it is easier than to go to foot massage shop, also cheap, is a little special hate... a person with another person when it cannot own disinfection, often need to diy cleaning disinfection, very inconvenient!" While work in zhongguancun science park‘s song with reporters about his for beriberi, had long been his wife and daughters in the story "pot". Original song for beriberi, treat bad, repeatedly later bought a foot bath in the home, daughter to love and to have an appointment to keep didn‘t tell him that every time out is hidden, was finally mr.soong stumbled upon, say they fear he has beriberi use a basin can cross infection so deceive him, that Mr. Song in distress situation.
  People living in modern cities work is very busy, don‘t have much time to do household chores, don‘t have much more energy to foot tub "bath", "sterilization", but the common foot tub there are health risks do not allow to ignore, bacteria and other microorganisms are not only many foot diseases pathogenic factors, will stay for a long time, reproductive on plastic products, so if all members of a family to use the same foot tub, or, after the foot massage shop simple clean people sharing the same foot bath, it can make greatly increase the risk of cross infection.
  Ningbo beauty electric appliance co., LTD. Production of self-cleaning - antibacterial, foot bath massager is used by the Chinese academy of sciences and haier group joint venture to build the haier company long-term efficient inorganic antibacterial agent, with international advanced level, at present the bacteriostatic type foot bath massager has passed that examination of the domestic professional antibacterial testing institutions, the typical of escherichia coli and staphylococcus aureus antibacterial rate is as high as 99%, bacteriostatic type people use beautiful foot bath massager can be enough trust, convenient health, let the family from now on no longer have the diaphragm.
  Enjoy a healthy foot bath, say bye bye to bacteria
  Unlike ordinary foot bath, the reporter understands wonderful bacteriostatic the foot bath, massage instrument has strict health standards: first, the authority of antimicrobial technology, cleaning is simple and without disinfection, inhibit bacteria, microbial breeding, prevent secondary pollution; Second, at the same time in the wash feet foot bath massager bacteria microbial contact surface can effectively kill or inhibit the growth of its breeding; Third, compared with the clean measures such as chemical sterilization, the sterilization, has many characteristics, such as health, long-lasting, economic, convenient; Fourth, after use, with self-cleaning effect in barrel, within the residual barrels on effectively kill or inhibit microbes etc. Already bought beautiful in Beijing gome electric city liu bacteriostatic type foot bath is very happy, she said: "before the foot bath massager can finally retired, after we gave it the old couple also need not to export each health, wonderful bacteriostatic type foot tub can disinfect, convenient, and antibacterial, price is not expensive, cost-effective!"
  Zhongguancun science park, said Mr. Song, who was at work since their house in the new type of antibacterial foot bath, wife and daughter will take the initiative to let him to soak the foot, her daughter said "dad, if you buy this wonderful bubble foot, then we can a little earlier and bacteria to say goodbye, as long as it doesn‘t infection, my mother and I welcome you to wash feet massage everyday!"
  Statistics show that since the wonderful bacteriostatic type foot tub listed this year, has been quite popular among consumers. In July this year wonderful electric random survey of ningbo 1000 people surveyed, 93% of consumers said on the premise of economic ability allow to buy foot bath, will be the preferred the foot bath massager has bacteriostasis function.
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