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R&D ability

R&D ability

PTC heating technology of foot bath

  On foot tub, quartz glass tube non-metallic heating body (representative), and the limitations of the two kinds of heating mode is obvious: life is short, stainless steel electric heating unsafe; Although in the short term to achieve the glass tube heating heating water and electricity isolation, but its because its material problem, there has always been the tube burst (easy to release hose electricity), and the power attenuation serious problem. Although a lot of concepts from many manufacturers to weaken the shortcoming of the two kinds of heating mode, but it can‘t cover the entire industry to the objective requirement of the health and safety development, to develop, must search for a new, more safety, longer service life of heating to dominate the rapid heating technology of electric water heater industry.
  PTC and it was in this era background of the birth of a landmark in the fast electric water heater heating with the latest technology. PTC heating technology advantage is obvious.
  First of all, thoroughly implement the heating water and electricity isolation. PTC material outer insulating layer quartz, sealing performance and high thermal conductivity, PTC material closely contact with the outer wall of pipe, through the outer wall of pipes to internal flow heat transfer. So use for a long time also won‘t appear on both ends of the tube easy leaking, the crack problem. Moreover, even if the water splashed to the upper, due to the PTC solid seal, the water will not be charged. Further said that even if a piece of PTC material damage, charged, then the voltage is only 10 v, without any danger.
  Second, the PTC materials long service life. General stainless steel heating tube using a year will be damaged, glass tube will use two years because of the plastic material aging appear slack at both ends and damage, but it can use PTC material 8-10 years without damage, and the power attenuation not more than 5%. Therefore they are widely used in aerospace and automobile industries.
  Third, the PTC heater greatly reduce the probability of scale. Stainless steel heating tube due to contact with the water interface temperature as high as 800 degrees Celsius, furring extremely easily, it is the accumulation of scale result in heating tube shortened lifespan. And quartz glass tube water interface temperature as high as several same baidu, just because of the roughness on the surface of the glass tube is higher than stainless steel heating tube, so the probability of furring down, but because the temperature is high, the interface, in the areas with higher ground water hardness, furring phenomenon is serious.
  And PTC heater and water interface temperature is only about 200 degree, depending on its special structure increases with the water contact area to achieve the same heating rate. Dynamic water interface of 200 degrees Celsius, scale is difficult to form. Scale, make the thermal efficiency of heating system is stable for a long time, at the same time reduce the later cleaning maintenance costs.
  Fourth, from the perspective of prevent heat loss, the thermal efficiency of the PTC heating technology than glass tube heating system. High temperature glass tube surface completely exposed, during use, heat loss is serious. The PTC heating system of heating material wrapped in the middle of the pipe, almost completely absorbed by water and heat efficiency is very high.
  Although PTC technology has obvious advantages, but given the height of its technical complexity and the cause of the trade secret protection, so use PTC material to develop the manufacturer of electric water heater heating system in the domestic rare. It is said that in 2008, Shanghai some company in China to develop the PTC heating technology, and in some areas to pilot promotion. , through the use of more than 600 users, tracking response is very good, if true, is expected to PTC heating technology will become the mainstream in the field of rapid electric water heater heating mode.
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