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The Chinese female high school students for the mother of invention back rubs massage stick for business investment

  Giles andreae mother Cao Gong (Hong Cao, transliteration) as a nurse in a hospital in the past, work 12 hours a day back home always waist sour backache, she often to her daughter back rubs massage for her. Time is long, giles andreae complain mother why don‘t you massage yourself? But mom said she can‘t construct their own back, in Mr ZhuoYa said to his mother, she must find a solution.
  The lives in California‘s mother and daughter began to try to use different materials to make the hook type massage stick, including plastic, wood, metal and other types of plastic materials. After decided to shape, they find a factory in the phone book, made 20 for their products. Giles andreae said: "I put the product in my backpack, door to door to sell, my mother think I‘m crazy."
  A e-commerce company dedicated to discover emerging brand earlier this year signed a contract with the mother and daughter, to help them create better performance.
  Giles andreae is only 14 years old this year, said: "as long as I have time now, I will check email, do customer service, public relations, etc." As for her mother, has resigned from the original work in March, all thanks to giles andreae solve the problem of the mother‘s back.