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To the elderly gift choice of electronic massager

  But understands from health care experts, massager is not for everyone, especially old people should be careful of poor cardiopulmonary function. Due to the lack of pertinence, its health care function also is very limited, if you need a massage in the elderly, had better choose manually.
  Massager is more suitable for young people. Electronic massager can simulate hands, through methods such as rubbing, kneading, pressing, knock, promote local blood circulation, accelerate metabolism, relieve muscle fatigue. The young young, energetic, work desk in air conditioning room for a long time, easy to cause cervical spondylosis, knee joint swelling pain, back pain, etc., can choose low frequency, strength strong electronic massager. But the elderly because of body function decline, poor vascular elasticity, high strength of the massager will generally beyond the old body load, lead to high blood pressure, and even shock.
  Cardiopulmonary function avoid is used a poor old man. China academy of traditional Chinese medicine xiyuan hospital rehabilitation care division of doctor of vice director of ZhuangPing said, frail, relatively thin, poor cardiopulmonary function of the old man is not recommended to use electronic massager. "To be cautious with heart disease, high blood pressure, blood disease patients, low platelet, patients with bleeding tendency to disable." ZhuangPing advice.
  Electronic massager vibrations will speed up the circulation of the blood, prompting the capillaries expansion, local blood flow increase, if the massage part lesions have occurred, the massage not only don‘t care, but counterproductive, aggravating illness even induce new disease. Therefore, fracture, skin damage cases, unfavorable use.
  Slow alzheimer‘s patients, patients with diabetes peripheral nervous slow, these two kinds of patients should not care in using electronic massager, by finding slow, otherwise it may cause serious consequences.
  Manual massage effect is best. "Massager just ACTS as muscle relaxation, played a certain role ease of neck and shoulder discomfort, waist sour backache, really sick and want to find a doctor." China academy of traditional Chinese medicine xiyuan hospital physiotherapy rehabilitation medicine, director of the physician geng follow. Each person‘s health condition difference is very big, if you don‘t use for a long time, it is hard to see obvious improvement.
  The elderly can choose manual massage, according to different parts of the body, the proper control of strength, can play a real health care function. The old man has bought a massager, permission of the body, can use step by step, select the most gentle massage way, don‘t more than 20 minutes each time, up to two times a day.