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80, 90 after marriage selection of household appliances, intelligent massage chair and game consoles to stand out

  According to China‘s consumption data, according to a report after the "80, 90," is becoming the mainstream of the Chinese domestic market consumer groups, especially after 90 as the growth of the age, the proportion married sharply rising trend over the last two years. When the younger generation into the marriageable age, household appliances has become a kind of rigid demand. But in recent years, 80, 90, after the group demand for home appliances have different requirements.
  Household appliances and entertainment and leisure
  In the 70 s, bicycles, watches, sewing machine referred to as the "3 big" of marriage, then into the refrigerator, color TV sets, washing machines in the 80 s. Ten years ago, as the electrical appliances product diffusion, more advanced computers, air conditioners, motorcycles, essentials to people when they get married. But for people born in the 80 s and 90 s, these "3 big" was used, so the younger generation in the choice of home appliance in the marriage, more weight is given to entertainment and leisure. New era, game consoles, intelligent massage chair and cars have promotion for 80, 90 after marriage "3 big".
  As at the beginning of the domestic game remove restrictions, PS4, XBOX ONE famous game consoles are listed at home, such as most of the growth after 80, 90, had contact with this kind of product, so will have a higher demand on the game entertainment. Will marry in the survey shows that there are 73% of the population will focus on the game field, and wants to get married in a year for a game console, the result is obviously some unexpected.
  Products in the massage chair as alleviate the pressure of the modern urbanite, natural and more attention. After all, with the accelerating pace of life, health problem has already become the focus of more and more people. It is understood that at present China‘s "subhealth" population has reached 70%, the proportion of more than 900 million people, young people accounted for the most part. In the survey, the couple said intelligent massage chair as pressure relief, household are indispensable decompression of marriage room equipment.
  Than ever before and after the 80, 90, buy also has a very different way, with the hot development of electricity, after 80, 90, has achieved from the entity shop to Internet shopping channels, and gradually formed in the long time purchase experience cognition to the Internet shopping channels, married electrical appliances product, for example, Tmall, jingdong mall is the main channel to the user, the second is Su Ningyi purchase, amazon and other electric business platform.
  Although shopping behavior in the Internet, but in home appliance choice, brand and cost-effective still after 80, 90, one of the main decision factors of shopping. Intelligent massage chair as an example, the well-known brand from Switzerland Kentucky card jay poems on Tmall was the top concern. Kentucky card jie poems have personal customized mobile phone APP, for massage chairs and other brand function value is most attract users, the upgrade process and products cost-effective is prompted to make a decision after 80, 90, the final choice Kentucky card jay intelligent massage chair of the poem as a marriage room to live in.
  From the point of view of the current domestic industry development, personality, fashion, intelligent will become the future consumption trends, pay attention to the quality of life after 80, 90 generation, tend to choose the user experience when marriage feels strong, personalized product, rather than the more traditional household electrical appliances. Obviously, satisfy the above condition of intelligent massage chair, game has emerged as a new era of necessity, in the face of huge young market consumption ability, for the product into the younger concept will become the attention of other electrical appliances product elements.