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Can undertake heavy work lion dance massage robot entered the countdown

  Life hard work no one industrial robots to the top
  In the past, the robot is "blind" swordsman, transformation and upgrading, and now with the visual system. Them because of the "eyes", in the actual application, can achieve more than a pair of robots replace hands, can test, assembly, in all walks of life.
  Factory automation and robots not only strength, and speed. Some can single-handedly took 9 cases of beer, some 3 seconds to cleaning and drying a basket of fresh food delivery. In 2015 wisdom on both sides of the automation industry trend on the BBS, Taiwan guang yun mechanical engineering co., LTD., chairman of xie retired life shows the robot products enterprises.
  "For the enterprise, use the robot not only has solved the difficult to dismiss workers and reduce the risk, also saves the cost." Xie said retired life, in Taiwan, moving beverage such heavy work, no one did 20 years ago. Again such as urea plant, because the relationship between agricultural production, shipment twice a year, 1 hour and can produce 1600 bags of urea, some factories stock, pile it up from the ground to the roof, if using artificial heap is very dangerous, let robot do is much more safe. Enterprise production lines using automated, reduced from 250 to 25 employees, and therefore cut the cost of more than half.
  "Automation is applied to all walks of life." Trichet said retired life, right now, contact lens market, they have to make humanized production of contact lens production workshop. Even, they also make medical robot, such as isolation test machine.
  In addition, some robots in addition to the heavy work life, human can also entertainment. Xie said retired life, they show on GongBoHui lion dance robot, dancing lifelike, actually they are working in a factory at ordinary times, only in holidays come out to dance a dance, earn extra money.
  In xie retired life view, the robot to replace human time is not far off, for visual robot can realize a pair of robots replace many hands. Such as a PC board installation, can be responsible for more than 80% of the assembly process, can even just open the lid, installation, and then cover the lid.
  Massage can help a Lord who can chat forthcoming humanoid robot
  Because see the robot industry prospects, the various businesses to join. Some experts believe that like smart phones now its widespread use, the industrial robot will also have explosive growth.
  National Taiwan university professor Luo Renquan intelligent robot and automation centers for international studies, said in the mainland, there are a dozen robots related development zone, rendering blossom everywhere. Every five years, the industrial robot will produce a leap, in the last three to five years, industrial robots will spread to small and medium-sized enterprises from large companies, then the cost would be down to about 1/3 of the current. The humanoid robot, widely used in 10 years later, at that time, they are fast enough to reflect, feeling giving a person is gentle enough.
  Luo Renquan said, be stable development of industrial robots, a service-oriented development speed is four times that of industrial robots, robot can even into the family in the future. Now family is generally decreases, aging, the old man is very lonely at home. After the birth of robot housekeeper, personal design based on the characteristics of the family, such as official retirement home, dialogue, the robot can even call old former office name, the old man happy.
  "I am study massage robot (massage), in 2016 can be made." Luo Renquan said, after work, he went to the press foot, found that massage master hard, finger joints has been deformation, a day‘s work is very tired, looking at is fast asleep, hand also boring. He immediately produce an idea, r&d massage robot. This is a very good robot arm function, can massage neck and shoulder, efforts to reach the designated position.
  Luo Renquan believes that in the future, robots will have emotions, but there are limits, no one is so considerate, do take human work, but there will be new jobs in the future.
  Made in China should be thoroughly remould oneself first came to learn good crouching stance
  In the industrial robot, is now a place of mainland and Taiwan are the key components of the independent research and development, at present, a lot of the technology by foreign enterprises. The expert thinks, on both sides of the industry can try to cooperate with learning way.
  The idea of "made in China, must be thoroughly remould oneself." Luo Renquan said, the same technology, transformation and application of who first, who is in the upper hand.
  But for the enterprise, the perennial busy production, studies the relative lack of energy and ability of new technology. Luo Renquan give advice, can share technology through investment, a rally to certain fund research institutions, can plan top products in the next few years to do. Work with lab, for example, to a certain amount of investment, can dominate its research direction.
  Luo Renquan argues that the education of Taiwan and the west closer, students on the creativity and learning attitude, more conducive to the development of the industrial robot, but Taiwan is not enough money. Co-operative, continental if they could be in the Taiwan scholars also include, in the development of key components, China‘s powerful just around the corner.
  It is understood that robot competitions to be held each year on both sides of the Taiwan xiamen university also sent to Taiwan to participate in the competition, performance is excellent. The competition meaning cannot be neglected, such as robots and basketball competition between people, with NBA rules. Robot to run fast, but also will be shot, test the robot vision system, the test designer man-machine integration ability.
  "The development of robot industry, have to squat good stance, do a good job in basic science, can‘t aim high." Luo Renquan want mainland government and colleges and universities to have the vision, because this time of the investment by the way, you can develop faster than other places.