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R&D ability

R&D ability

Canadian designer developed foetus education massager

  According to the daily mail reported recently, Canadian designer Jeff Ramsey BLABY designed a prenatal education massager, can let prospective parents to the unborn baby play music.
  Ramsey said, he is by Mozart effect -- a think that baby in the womb when listening to classical music more smarter enlightenment of the theory of design for the "iPod" baby.
  This little gadget is a around the pregnant belly belly band, there are three built-in vibration speakers, to pregnant uterus play music. Abdominal bring also has a digital MP3 players and USB adapter, prospective parents can download music play to fetus in the womb. This equipment can also be simultaneous with the iPhone application software simple recording, the user can record their own voice, or sing a lullaby to the baby.
  When the baby in the mother‘s womb, they actually hear sound, because they are the amniotic fluid pressure, but they can feel the vibration of the sound waves to bring, BLABY built-in loudspeaker is used to safely pass vibration to the baby.
  Ramsey said, this is a simple equipment is only to give mom a chance to test the theory of Mozart, and also help them to establish the contact between the unborn baby.