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R&D ability

R&D ability

Japanese mould and nanotechnology combined with improved competitiveness

  Car makers such as product drawings to forging manufacturer. And then by forging vendors according to product drawings, design the mould drawings. Among Japanese manufacturers, product drawings are very simple. This is because after years of business, forging vendors already know product manufacturers design ideas, to "empathy" from the product drawings to grasp each other‘s design intent, and reflect it in the mold drawings. Forging manufacturer only by simple product drawings, for engineering design. Including to which stage for forging, where to start to do mechanical processing, etc. Can design the most effective engineering is also a kind of technique to reduce costs. Through predicting elastic deformation, modify drawings. In fact, when designing the mould of the most difficult is not completely well according to the shape of the products, to carve the forging die. The main reason is that the elastic deformation of mould itself. Forging, die will be affected by reaction of large forging materials. As a result, mold can produce a little inflation. Due to this expansion belong to elastic deformation, therefore forces withdraw after shape will recover. If not well according to this phenomenon, modify drawings and can not do a good mold. "So difficult, isn‘t it still only Japanese manufacturers to produce forging die?" For questions, the other replied, "Japanese products manufacturers hope things, it will only Japanese mold manufacturers to produce." However, the manufacturers according to the requirements of automobile manufacturers have established the forging factory in Thailand, under the guidance of the factory technical personnel in Japan also in the production mold. Allegedly, very not easy to impart the technology after local workers, and immediately they will resign, is very distressed. When asked about the relationship between the material manufacturers and other first expressed dissatisfaction, which want to increase production, the other party does not provide beyond the original contract amount of material. However, materials manufacturers focus on forging manufacturer level is very high, very enthusiastic for custom grades of common development. This is because the forging vendors have to take the lead in absorbing and fully understand the requirements of the final product manufacturers, and this information is required by the custom level of development. Custom level once adopted, is hard to use other material, so can ensure a stable quantity. As a development case in the past, the author introduces the past through the digital home appliance industry using the plastic components into aluminum forging, and improves the precision and high sense of examples, and by implementing precise shaping (near net shape), business car used to machining the parts cost cuts examples, etc. Young employees have inherited the essence of forming and die making? "Yes, they are very hard." The answer is in the mind very dependable. Recruitment job quite easy, but after entering the company after the training, they are generally interested in gradually. As "manufacturing", heard that no matter who, as long as you try to do, will find it interesting. And the other is, in turn, pleaded with the author, in order to make the students interested in small and medium-sized processing manufacturers, hope the media can do more propaganda, improve the image of "manufacture". However, the company has also recently in the division of labor, as in the past no longer a person from sales, to design, produce all accountable. If you want to master the entire forging technology has been more and more difficult. The other side also said: "must be through the way of job rotation, let them learn related technologies."