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R&D ability

R&D ability

Japanese robot technology and the massage chair

  Massage chair type control technology and its application is not significant
  Robot control technology is being applied to the field of household products. Panasonic electrician in August 2004, the massage chair "RealProGIIPremiumClass" (the retail price 470000 yen). The biggest characteristic of this product, is to let the past can only make flat ellipse movement "massage ball" to exercise in three-dimensional way. With the ability of expansion and contraction movement of airbag match the actions, even to make knead shoulder movements. Using four massage ball and 40 airbags can make 335 kinds of massage mode.
  Alone, however, these still can‘t keep up with the real massage therapist. Massage therapist knocking method including the power of the subtle changes, and in the way that mechanical strength and is too drab. In order to eliminate the gap, panasonic electric applied robotics.
  Panasonic electric professional masseuse massage action first photographed, and the body massage pressure measurement, and then massage action of digitization. Accordingly massage ball and airbag control action, try to make it close to the data. Panasonic electric healthy life department minister said the original YanFang have answers to "control technology of the company and other companies easily imitate don‘t come out".